Comparison Between Baldwin And Staples Essay

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In comparison of Baldwin and Staples, one can see that the type of racism they experience, their age and maturity, and their response to racism differ entirely by noting the different time eras of racism that each encounters.
James Baldwin 's and Brent Staples ' situations differ in the types of racism they encountered with conjunction to the time period. On one hand, Baldwin experienced the Jim Crow Era. Jim Crow Laws lasted for about a century; they were laws that kept whites and blacks separate by excluding blacks from using everyday facilities. The late nineteenth to mid twentieth centuries was a crucial time for the issue. Baldwin, raised in Harlem, moved to New Jersey, where Jim Crow Laws were practiced. "In the beginning, to make matters worse, I simply did not know what was happening." But soon enough, Baldwin would learn that the self-service restaurant he had been attending did not serve "negroes." He was only to figure this out because someone had told him on his fourth visit that blacks were not to be served. Baldwin soon realized: "[i]t was the same story all over New Jersey, in bars, bowling alleys, diners, [and] places to live" (56). Baldwin was shoved out everywhere, frankly, because of his race. On the other hand, Staples endured racism of the post-Civil Rights Era, after the 1960s. Staples describes how he had the "ability to alter public spaces in ugly ways" (394). Because of his ethnicity, Staples scared many people due to the stereotypes that African…

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