Comparison Between Athens And Sparta Essay

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Use your impression of Athens and Sparta to discuss and compare daily life in the two city-states.
Athens and Sparta were two of the most influential city-states of Greece. The daily life of both city-states varied greatly depending on which perspective you are viewing it from. Within this post, I will visit the perspectives of men, women, and children of both city-states.
Depending on which city-state you were born into could ultimately become an instant life or death decision. In Sparta and Athens, life began as a challenge. After birth, it is said that Spartan infants were taken by the elders of Gerousia and examined to make sure they were fit for Spartan life. Any signs of weakness or imperfections and the infant would be killed or exposed to the hillside and left for dead. In Athens, it is said that the survival rate of an infant was incredibly low and Athenian parents delayed naming their children until they survived past 7-10 days due to the high mortality rates in infancy. ("Children in Ancient Athens | Ancient Athens", 2016) However, like Sparta, Athens also took to the liking of infanticide and would kill an infant with any imperfection or less harshly, abandon it and typically this infant was raised to be a slave to its adoptive family.
If the infant were to survive, daily life would be very different depending in which city-state they grew up in and which sex they were. If the child lived in Sparta they would become a great Spartan soldier or the wife of a…

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