Comparison Between Achilles And Hector Essay

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Comparison between Achilles and Hector Homer’s epic “The Iliad” is an incredible poem that labels the majority of the battle between Greeks and Trojans. The Iliad is very interesting poem because it teaches several good things about the life of a warrior during the war. In the Iliad, several male characters perform heroic aspects of ancient Greece and Troy. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, which we can notice at many situations throughout the battle and the conflicts explained in the Iliad. The major examples of such characters are Achilles and Hector. These two characters displays behavior that could be described as heroism. The fact is that they both are from two different groups which meet each other with hatred in combat. Achilles fights for Greeks and Hector fights for Trojans. Although both Achilles and Hector are similar in the aspect of heroism, they act different in the way of approaching the war and the inevitable violence and death which escort it. Although Achilles recognizes that he is destined to be killed in battle, he puts aside his fear and pride and takes part in the battle to take revenge on Hector, who brutally killed his best friend Patroclus. He also chooses a way to forget the feuds with Agamemnon that prevents him from participating in the war. Later he joins in the battle with revengeful mindset with full of rage and aggressiveness in his heart. This will likely play an important role in the outcome of the battle between Greeks and…

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