Comparing the Records Life Cycle and the Continuum Models of Records Mangement

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Assignment 1
Q. Compare and Contrast the Records life Cycle and the Records Continuum Models of Records management.

The Records Lifecycle and the Continuum Model of Records are similar, they both pass through the current stage, semi current stage and they are both archived. However the Continuum Model differs from the Records Lifecycle in a number of ways including its continuous life, the origins of the model, integrated roles of records and archival form, records and elements of records definition, major concerns in records management, records movement patterns, recordkeeping perspectives, recordkeeping process, criteria for selecting archives, time of appraisal, role of recordkeeping managers and lastly undertaking records
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According to Atherton [1985], all stages of records are interrelated forming a continuum in which both records managers and archivists are involved, to varying degrees, in the ongoing

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