Comparing Vlad Dracula 's Violent Behavior Is Through Social Learning Theory

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Following psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder, I believe that a good way to explain Vlad Dracula’s violent behavior is through social learning theory. Social Learning Theory is the belief that, learning is a cognitive process that occurs through of social contexts, either through observation or instruction, experienced as an adolescent. As I described earlier in this paper, at the age of, either 12 or 13, Dracula, along with his brother Ruda, were both sent to be captives of the Turks as a deal made by their father, Dracul, in order to maintain good relations with the Turks (pg 36). Moreover, while his brother gave in to the Sultan and was released from his captivity to become his protégé, Dracula remained in captivity, which “had hardened his character diamond-like” (pg 36). Therefore, the first learned behavior that Dracula claimed is a diamond-like character wherein he remained loyal to himself and didn’t give into captivities negative actions. Additionally, “He obtained some of the torturous workings of the impressionable Turkish mind, and learned their use of terror” and was used as a pawn in the Turkish army (pg 38). This portrays the central ideas of social learning theory. This section of the book presents Dracula’s youthful social context. This social context of his was designed by frequent torture to him and a use of violent, aggressive behavior to gain the title of an officer’s rank in the Turkish army for his brutality and impressiveness to the…

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