Comparing Visit Isleworth Crown Court And Hendon Magistrate 's Court

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In this essay I will be discussing and comparing my visit Isleworth Crown Court and Hendon Magistrate’s Court. I will be comparing them in terms of structure, case load, persons working there and stating the differences between the conduct that is displayed in each of the respective courts. I will also talk about the different types of crimes that are tried in each respective court and give case examples and their outcomes.
I visited Isleworth criminal court and sat in on various cases that were at the different stages of a trial. I also visited Hendon Magistrates court and the physical structure of both courts is similar. The accused and a probation officer sit in a room with a huge glass window. The accused representation sits closest to the booth and then there is the bench where either a judge or the magistrates sit and behind them is a symbol of the crown with the writing “Dieu et mon droit”. Right below is the court clerk. Then there is the usher who cries “all rise” when the judge or magistrates enter or leave. On the side of the court is the witness box. Finally, right at the back is the public gallery in which family member, observers like me and probation officers sit. There only difference is the crown court has a row of seats on the side of the court where the jury sits which is missing in the magistrate’s court. However, there is significant difference in the conduct displayed in both the courts. In the magistrate’s court it is less formal as only the court…

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