Comparing Two More Weeks ! Essay example

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Two more weeks!
Two more weeks!
Two more weeks!
Well, more like two more weeks and a half, but the only thing you do during those last few days are final exams and test, so I ain’t counting those. I’ve been waiting since the day I was paired with Ariana for the end of the semester to be here and time is finally on my side. Nothing could possibly bring me down…
“What the…?”
“We’re in the closing weeks of the semester, students,” Mrs. Sorun announced, sitting down right beside where I was laying my face at. “I would advise you to start beginning to put your final showcasing together now if you haven’t already started.”
“Why do you have your ass in my face?” I asked, sitting up.
She looked back at me and shot me a smile and a wink. “I know you’re used to me sitting on your face, but we can’t do that in the middle of class or I’ll get fired, so you’ll just have to settle with this for now.”
I must admit, I walked straight into that one. Should’ve seen it coming a mile away, but I was expecting her to have a little bit of a ‘proper lady comportment’ in her and I paid the price.
“Sorry Mrs. Sorun, but Tre and I are trying to come up with a design for our portfolio and you are vulgarly interrupting us from doing so,” Ariana said, finally coming to my defense for the first time this semester. “If you could please leave him be for the next two weeks it would be greatly appreciated.”
Mrs. Sorun smacked her lips and got up to walk back to her desk. “You better be lucky I like you,…

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