Differences And Similarities Between Police Officers And Judges

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Modern day heroes are all around and not always noticed. Two modern day heroes are our fellow police officers and elected judges. Although they have two very different work environments and have different jobs they both help keep citizens safe and restore order in society. In comparison both police officers and judges deal with law on a daily basis, enforcing it, and interpreting it. Officers are in charge of making sure citizens are following the law, if someone were to break the law they arrest the individual and bring them upon the court of law. The court of law is run by judges. Law breakers are taken to court where a judge will interpret the law and determine if the individual is to receive a sentence. Both officers and judges work together …show more content…
Judges only hear and interpret the facts of a case in court, but police officers interpret what they have in front of them and make their decision. Police officers work all through the community patrolling streets, answering emergency calls, and chasing criminals. Often times police officers are forced to take the situation in front of them and make a decision almost immediately to arrest or not if they decide a person poses a threat. Police officers will also put their life on the line to ensure safety. Judges, although not fighting hands on like a police officer would do, they decide over a period of time if a person is guilty and make a fair …show more content…
Not only do both police officers and judges have to meet requirements to be able to work that position, but they have to be able to maintain that position as well. If a police officer is not properly trained and people feel as if he or she is not following their job to enforce the law in a fair way, that individual can be fired and taken away from that position. Similarly, a judge is elected to their position. Citizens are to vote a judge who they believe is fair and will protect their views. If it is believed that a judge is not fair, or not enforcing the law correctly, he or she can also lose their position. Judges can be impeached and removed from office as well as being voted out of office. Just as police officers and judges are expected to comply with the law to be placed in their positions, they are to keep complying with those same laws to stay in those same positions. They are modern day heroes because not only are they selected by the community to do so, but they continue to prove that they are heroes by doing right. These heroes help shape communities, and also restore them. Although they have many differences in the type of work they do, they are both reassure the law is being followed and enforced. Thanks to these heroes communities can feel safe and know that those police officers and judges are doing their part to make their communities a better place to

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