Essay on Comparing Two Adverts

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Comparing two adverts This essay will be about two adverts which I will be comparing, these adverts are; Dominoes; Oven Baked Subs! And Ribeana; drink! The Dominoes advert had a very effective tagline because it was short and snappy, however the Ribeana drink tag line was also quite catchy and it suits the product well. The colour which have been used in the Ribena advert are well suited for the drink; because the colours are nice natural colours, light colours which give off the soft, calm, relaxing effect that Ribena may have one you. The font is nice and large so it stands out and it is eye catching. On the other hand the colours on the Dominoes advert are very bright, and bold. It is very eye catching and colourful, and it …show more content…
However for Dominoes, the persuasive technique they use is having three big, Subs on the front to tempt people looking at it, making them feel hungry and especially because they hand out the leaflets around lunch time, so for workers that are hungry, they will see the advert and want to get the Dominoes.

The logo and slogan for Dominoes are; Take A Fresh Look; which is effective as it suggests that unlike others Dominoes are fresh and so are there ingredients, and there logo is a pizza box but with dice numbers at the top; because it’s a play on words, which is always fun! And for Ribena their slogan is; Made From British Blackberries and the logo is some blackberries with faces, the slogan is good, and catchy and it tell people that it is made from British Blackberries! The Dominoes advert came through the post and the Ribena advert was in a magazine. I think the most effective advert was the Dominoes advert, because it was most colourful and it really stood out and was really eye catching and I liked how the had subs on the advert to show the customers what the food would be like, also the writing was big and bold and easy to read. Nevertheless, the Ribena advert was very good and persuasive, for example the colours and the big fonts but the one that I thought was most effective was the Dominoes

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