Comparing Thrombus Vs. Embolus Essay

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1.Discuss the pathophysiology related to CVA due to thrombus vs. embolus. Describe the stages in the development of an atheroma. A cerebrovascular accident, better known as a stroke, is the death of brain tissue due to the lack of blood supply to the brain. Necrosis in the brain develops, leading to an inflammation ultimately resulting in loss of function on that part of the brain affected. CVA are usually caused by a thrombus or embolus. A thrombus is a blood clot that forms in a blood vessel and remains there. This prevents blood from flowing to the brain, leading to a stroke. An embolus causes an obstruction in a cerebral artery. In this case, it is a "traveling thrombus"; where a thrombus formed (via an atheroma, tumors, infection, heart attack) would break off, clog an artery and lead to a stroke.
Atheromas are plaques which are usually attached to thrombi, that form inside the walls of large arteries. Mr. Q’s predisposing factors; particularly smoking and diabetes, would lead to damage of the endothelium of the artery. This weakening of the endothelial layer of Mr.Q’s artery will cause LDLs to accumulate in the innermost layer of the artery, called the tunica intima. The accumulation of LDL will make a fatty pouch and will be taken up by macrophages. LDLs will form outside of the macrophages and the macrophages will stimulate the production of collagen. The collagen will make the fatty pouch fibrous. This fibrous plaque will further weaken the endothelial layer,…

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