Comparing Three Horse Breeds

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People always mix up horse breeds, dog breeds, cat breeds, and many other animal breeds. This essay is comparing three horse breeds that are mixed up all the time: the Shire, the Percheron, and the Clydesdale. The following paragraphs will compare features, their uses, and where the breeds originated. The horses are usually mixed up because people don't know a whole lot about them. They only know that they're horses, they're big, and the general look of them. As it was mentioned before, these horses have a lot in common. People don't realize many differences. Some differences are fairly surprising. For instance, the origins of the breeds and what they were used for. The Shire originated in England as a battle horse. They were chosen for their strong and sturdy features because they had to hold knights in heavy metal armor in their backs. The Percheron originates in France. At first they were used for farming and pulling carriages through the …show more content…
The Shire was used to be used for battle horses and farming. They are now used for pleasure riding, driving, draft work, dressage, and carriage driving events. The Clydesdale was used for pulling carts full of coal through a mine and carriage pulling. They are now used for carriage driving events, parades, and farming. The Percheron was used for pulling carriages through France, farming, and battle horses. They are now used for farming and sleigh rides. These draft breeds are very similar, yet different. The Clydesdales breed is very known, but the details about the breed are not. Percherons are known quite a bit, but not as much as the Clydesdale. The Shire isn't really known. These breeds are mixed up for every way they are similar because people don't know the differences. They usually think, "Aren't they just the same thing?" not realizing they are more different than assumed. By now you should understand the similarities and differences of these magnificent

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