Comparing The Understanding Of Human Nature By John Locke And Emma Goldman

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1. Compare/contrast the understanding of "human nature" held by John Locke and Emma Goldman. Explain how these ideas affect their ideas of power and the state – i.e., the role of government in society. From our understanding of John Locke and Emma Goldman, it is apparent that both had very distinctive views on human nature. John Locke, an individual remembered as one of the most influential political philosophers of the modern period, was deeply influenced by the society around him. John Locke believed that man is, by nature, a social animal. He felt that government is formed in order to help keep society in order. Emma Goldman believed that human nature was dependent on the environment and that we do not really need a government. She believed that everyone would seek liberty on their own. She believed that because man would act in their own self-interest we would be forced to exist peacefully. Emma Goldman believed that peace is only possible if the people within a society disarm themselves. She felt that, in order for individuals to achieve what they want, they have to be willing to help others so that they too can be helped. For her, all people had to do was to trust in a peaceful nature.
John Locke lived a majority of his life during times of revolutions. John Locke believed that governments exist primarily because the people permit and give it consent to. He believed governments are given consent to exist in order to protect the rights of the people and promote the…

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