Comparing The Texan And American Revolutionary Wars Essay

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In comparing the Texan and American Revolutionary Wars, they were each heavily impacted by their respective governments, Mexico and Great Britain. Both revolutionary wars were influenced by the governments’ careless and brutal actions, and the rebels won both wars. If Mexico and Great Britain cared for their citizens’ pleas for change, they would still be running their empires in America and Texas. There were many similar and different reasons why Texas and the 13 Colonies were lost by their former rulers. Both Americans and Texans were each independent from their running governments because they were both isolated geographically. Unlike Texas, America had little interaction with the British before the revolution. In Texas, many cultural differences occurred between the Mexicans and Texans. A similarity is that both governments angered their citizens with taxes, unfair laws, etc. Another similarity is that the rebels of both wars were focused on escaping the clutches of the tyrannical regimes of Santa Anna and King George. Americans loathed George for his unfair acts and laws and also for their lack of a say in Parliament. Texans hated Anna because he had too much power and he broke down their government system. America and Texas acted as isolated and self-governing from Great Britain and Mexico before the governments started to anger the settlers. The potential rebels were geographically isolated from the general locations of their governments. America and Great Britain…

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