Essay on Comparing “the Story of an Hour” and “the Necklace”

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Comparing “The Story of an Hour” and “The Necklace”
Short stories are always very enjoyable to read. They are very concise but mostly have such a deep message resonating throughout the text that the reader is left pondering over an extension of the story to imagine the possible ending if they were novels instead. The works under consideration are meant to be compared because of their unique theme which reflects how two authors can write similar yet distinctive stories in different times. Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” and “The Necklace” by Guy De Maupassant are two such short stories whose themes center around role of gender and marriage with special focus on the female characters. Even though there are similarities, there are also
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That moment is rich in irony of fate which is irreplaceable as she has lost all her youthful looks and may never gain them back.
The two stories discussed above bear a certain resemblance which cannot be spotted at a glance. But when it is read critically, the comparison starts to make more sense. Both Mathilde Loisel and Mrs. Mallard are apparently cheated by life. Mathilde was deprived of all the wonderful things life has to offer while Mrs. Mallard was very sensitive and enjoys the feeling of liberation despite the grief of her husband’s death. The freedom overcomes her grief but eventually takes her away with it. Both fantasize what they do not have and end up not getting it whole heartedly. Mathilde does get to wear a necklace and a new dress but this joy is limited to a single night. Her choice in jewelry is inexpensive because she does not know the difference between the real and artificial jewelry (Maupassant 1992). Mrs. Mallard only envisions her happiness in being out of the marriage bond which is confined to the one hour in which she also learns that her husband is alive. The only difference between the two female characters is that one experiences death while the other a lesson from life.
Harold Bloom a famous critic writes about “The Necklace” in his work dedicated to Guy De Maupassant as one of the best short stories

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