Comparing The Philosophies Of Solomon And Socrates

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Robert Jones
Professor Robert Hubbard
PHIL 100 A0
October 9, 2015 Different Worlds of Philosophy Throughout each era of history a constant similarity was philosophy. Within almost every era, society had a belief system and along with a belief system came laws that set a standard for the people. With all of this came men who thought deeper in some aspects of life and began to seek answers for complicated issues, such as how do you show piety to the gods? Two of the known philosophers where Solomon and Socrates. These two men where known as the wisest men alive because of their philosophies. Even though each man was very different they did have some similarities amongst their writings. Solomon was a man who believed that his wisdom came
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Socrates method of teaching was through the Socratic Method. The Socratic Method is a form of review and debate between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to motivate critical thinking and to brighten ideas by asking questions and seeking the answer. In some circles Socrates method of debating was considered rude and made him an unpopular fellow. He made people either furious with him or depressed them by destroying their beliefs in matters, but in actuality he was only trying to get them to think on a deeper …show more content…
Without meaning two Solomon went hand in hand with what Socrates believed. He examined life at different aspects to teach younger mind. By doing so, he also established another connection between him and Socrates. Socrates knew what happiness in life meant to him and Solomon did as well. By examining each individual life in Ecclesiastes he showed how man can survive with each and every personality. Both Socrates and Solomon were very good men with similar beliefs and different teaching styles. Yes, both men had many words of wisdom for their fellow man but their beliefs of the source of wisdom was very different. Along with their words of wisdom for their fellow man they also believed that furthering someone education in the field of wisdom and the happiness of life should be freely given. Having different teaching methods each individual professor excelled in their methods and have been left famous throughout history for their writing and their

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