Comparing The Novel ' Dracula ' Essay

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Dracula is a horror novel set in London and Transylvania in the mid 1800’s. The book starts with Johnathon Harker heading to Transylvania on a business trip to sell Dracula, a wealthy count in Transylvania, some real estate in London. After some strange incidents of Count Dracula attempting to suck Johnathon’s blood, and imprison him, Johnathon escapes. The novel then switches to Mina Murray’s, Johnathon’s fiancé, and her friend, Lucy Westenra’s, points of view through their letters. It is mostly just gossip, but there are several references to Johnathon. Next, it shifts to Dr. John Seward’s, sometimes referred to as Jack, dairy with a description of Renfield who is a patient at Jack’s asylum. After this, it alternates points of view, with the occasional newspaper clipping thrown in. Lucy becomes Dracula’s victim and eventually dies, leaving Arthur, Lucy’s fiancé; Dr. van Helsing, a doctor of medicine who happens to know much about the occult; Quincy, Arthur’s friend from Texas, also a prior suitor of Lucy; Johnathon; Mina; and Dr. Seward to destroy her undead body and hunt down Dracula. Later, after Dracula comes to London, Mina becomes his next victim. They find Dracula has been staying in the abandoned house next to Jack’s asylum where they’ve been living and operating out of, and a house on Piccadilly, a popular road in London. After destroying Dracula’s coffins of dirt from which he draws his strength, they chase Dracula back to Transylvania and kill him.


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