Comparing The Nominating Committee And Its Adviser Essay

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Two Weeks Before Election – The Nominating Committee and its adviser meet to discuss all suggestions, preferences and Biographical Forms in an effort to nominate the best-qualified person for each office, taking into consideration capabilities and overall chapter needs. – After careful consideration, a slate of nominees is determined. One person is selected for each office and standing committee chairman positions. – The Nominating Committee contacts each potential nominee and asks if she will accept nomination to a specific office. She is to be reminded that this information is confidential until the entire slate is presented to the chapter. – If a chapter member refuses a nomination, the committee holds further discussion to find another suitable nominee for the office. Once the position is filled, the committee proceeds to confirm all remaining slate positions. – The Nominating Committee may compile a list of potential candidates for appointed positions using the suggestions from initiated members. This information is to be given to the new Chapter Council after the officers are installed. One Week Before Election – During a formal meeting with an adviser present, under “unfinished business,” the chapter President calls for the Report of the Nominating Committee. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee addresses the chapter and states: “The Nominating Committee submits the following nominations: for President,
______________________; for Vice…

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