Comparing The Neutrogena Face Cleanser Vs. Clearasil Commercials

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According to Statista approximately “24.96 million Americans have used a Neutrogena facial cleanser or medicated products in the last 7 days.” (par. 1). But does this truly prove that this face wash is better than any other? After comparing the two face wash commercials, “Vanessa Hudgens Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser” and “Clearasil Ultra TV Commercial (Rapid Action Daily Gel Wash Acne Treatment)”, the Clearasil commercial seems to be better. Although the Clearasil commercial uses more of Shrank’s claims, it is still better than the Neutrogena face wash because it informs the audience of how it works, why it is better than other face washes and it is more entertaining.
Unlike the Neutrogena commercial, the Clearasil commercial actually
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Otherwise, there is no reason to replace a cleanser that has great results for the customer. Both the Clearasil and Neutrogena commercials make a point that they are better than other face washes, but the Clearasil commercial does a better noticeable better job of cleansing. The Clearasil commercial uses the “We’re different and Unique Claim” (Shrank par. 11) by telling the audience many times that their face wash works faster than other face wash. This commercial also uses “The Scientific and Statistical claim” (Shrank par. 16) by stating “visibly clearer skin in as little as 12 hours” (Clearasil 00:23). Audience members with acne issues are attracted to this claim, because typically they are in a hurry with their hygiene and need a product that works fast. The Neutrogena commercial does explain how they are better than other face washes, but not as well as Clearasil. Neutrogena claims they are better than other face washes because instead of adding a strong chemical smell, that most face washes include, this face wash smells more like grapefruit. This is using Shrank’s “We’re Different and Unique Claim” (Shrank par. 11) because of the lovely scent. Although scents are attractive to customers, the result of how a wash cleanses and heals acne is more important to desperate users. The other claim the Neutrogena commercial uses is “The Scientific …show more content…
1) This means that a majority of television viewers do not watch most of the ads. However, for the few that do watch ads these commercials will become memorable ones. Informative commercials that better educate the audience will have better marketing results because viewers will choose to listen to them for help. Attributes that help commercial are colors, facial reactions, a lot of action, and sound. The Neutrogena commercial uses Vanessa Hudgens and bright pink colors to get the audience’s attention. Clearasil combines bright colors with two boys in an action adventure scene with loud sounds of roller coasters, Semi-trucks and airplanes zooming by. These attributes encourage the audience to look up from their phones and examine the action. Neutrogena solely relies on one person to deliver the commercial’s message which appears to be less attractive that the multiple scenes that Clearasil actors

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