Comparing The Kite Runner Film And Novel Essay

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Comparing The Kite Runner Film and Novel

It is supposedly said that the movies and books are nothing alike. Many movies take out crucial details that are included in books to prove important facts, yet those points make or break the whole plot of the movie. In Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner and Marc Foster’s movie The Kite Runner, themes, symbols, and main ideas are portrayed differently. Through the distinctiveness of the themes, symbols, and main ideas it is evident that the novel has more context, which proves justice contradicting with the movie. The film and novel of The Kite Runner exhibit certain characteristics that allow them to be compared such as the discrepancy of characters including development and appearance. Also the reduction of influential themes and symbols that take place in the book, yet not the movie.

The first noticeable element that differed from the novel up against the movie was a few of the characters appearance. Firstly in the novel, Hassan’s cleft lip was severely identified and pointed out, yet in the film this trait of Hassan was not present. This was not only a trait of a character, whereas a symbol deeply identified in the book. For the same reason in the film they changed what Baba got Hassan for his birthday. Although they took out a crucial symbol from the book, they did add an equally important symbol to the story. On the other hand, they used the black spade on the kite that Baba bought Hassan for his birthday. On this occasion…

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