Comparing The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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Nowadays a popular book is often directed into a movie. Since it is based off the book, fans hope they stick to the story. As dedicated fans, they find every slight variance of the book. On the other hand, what if the movie wasn’t based off the book? If so, one would think comparing a movie made in 2011 to a book published in 1925 as a challenge. Yet, Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby does in fact have similarities, along with differences to the movie Midnight in Paris.
Even though Gil and Gatsby have the same physical traits such as blonde hair and blue eyes, and the fact the storyline revolves around them, they almost have the exact same personality. They both seem to be a bit antisocial and on the outside. Gatsby was always pleasant among company but if it wasn’t Nick, Daisy, or business related, he would not seek you out. As far as Gil, he rather write than hangout with people who aren 't interested in conversing about great writers or writing in general. It’s like they don’t belong among other people. They really don’t, considering both characters try to live in the past. Look at Gatsby, he tried to jump back into the relationship he had with Daisy before he was deployed for war. Thus, he was blinded to the reality that Daisy is married and has a child to care for. Then Gil was so fascinated in the 1920’s that he believed he was living in the era. In addition, on several occasions he spoke of all the famous writers and quoted them frequently. Just as Gatsby, he…

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