Comparing The Epic Of Paradise Lost By Milton And The Rape Of The Lock

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Analyse, discuss and compare the epic features of the Invocation in book 1 of Paradise Lost with that of The Rape of The Lock.
An epic is defined as a grand poem narrating the deeds or adventures of heroic or legendary figures, or the past history of a nation. An epic is characterized by certain features which include an invocation to a muse, journey to the underworld, presence of supernatural force, the use of grand complex epic smiles and an epic battle besides many others. Both the poems, Paradise Lost by Milton and The Rape of The Lock by Alexander Pope fulfil the features that are required for poems to become an epic poem.
The Paradise Lost is a traditional epic where as The Rape of The Lock is a mock epic. The traditional epic usually originates from the ancient oral tradition, where as a mock epic is created to satirise contemporary manners and attitudes of the society ( the English society in the 18th century). The mock epic works in a manner that it puts trivial concerns and unheroic values of the contemporary fashionable society in comparison with splendid heroic past from the epics in order to emphasize on the trivial nature of tasks undertaken in a mock epic. The Rape of The Lock has been termed as one of the best mock-epics ever written. The characteristics of the classical epic are employed. Apart from the mockery and commentary the mock epics usually give a message as well. The poet suggests that a coquette becomes a prude if she forever refuses men’s…

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