Comparing The Documentary ' And ' Heaven With Nixon ' Essay

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Choosing to view the documentary “While Dads in Heaven with Nixon” seem to be an easy choice. This documentary focuses on the development of a man with Autism. The topic of Autism is something that hits very close to home therefore it would be enjoyed. This documentary starts out interviewing a man named Chris. His elder brother Tom documents this video; as a result a sibling relationship is easily sensed. The two men began by reminiscing of their childhood. Chris, the brother diagnosed with Autism, would discuss his happy place with Tom. He began going off in tangents about their hometown New Haven and all the fond memories he had there. His brother Tom would help play a part and jog his memory about the beach days from when they were children. As the documentary continued on it became more in depth. The elder brother and mother began to go into detail about their father. It came out that their father had a mental illness. Due to this illness he was not always stable and strongly disagreed with his son’s diagnosis. With his father being absent in his medical life, socially he and Chris had a great relationship. Many of the memories he discusses were with is father. He mentioned that New Haven was his favorite place because his father was always around. He also mentioned many memories of driving a jeep in the water with his father and brother. It was very evident that Chris enjoyed his family and never let his diagnosis get between himself and his family. From the…

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