Compare And Contrast Facebook And Snapchat

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Snapchat stories were first introduced as a way to share a picture or video with all of you friends for 24 hours. After this, the story disappears. You are able to draw on, add filters, and add text to the pictures or videos you take. People are able to take screenshots of your story. After the success that Snapchat had, Facebook tried to buy them for 3 billion dollars. They declined. However, Facebook does own Instagram. And after Instagram’s new update, stories were included in the application and they have the same features that Snapchat stories has. According to the author of Picturing Texts, “In both writing and design, we regularly use comparison to explain or demonstrate an idea” (Picturing Texts 30). I agree with this statement, and …show more content…
According to the author of Why Rhetoric, “Logos is the appeal to reason to the forcefulness of a well thought out and well-structured position” (Why Rhetoric 10). Even though Snapchat and Instagram both have filters, the filters that Snapchat has are nicer. There is more of a variety of filters, including special filters for videos and filters that show where your location is in the world. Snapchat also allows one to “swipe to text” on its stories. This means that if you like what you see on an individual’s story, you have the ability to swipe up and send a text to that individual about the story that they posted. It is clear that one might choose to use Snapchat’s stories because of the logical reasoning, or logos, behind it.

One might choose to use Snapchat over Instagram because of pathos. According to the author of Why Rhetoric, “Pathos is the use of emotion in debate or argument” (Why Rhetoric 10). If an individual downloaded snapchat first, they are most likely attached to Snapchat and the friends they have on Snapchat. Therefore, they would be less likely create a new account on Instagram just to have one of the features that Snapchat has. If an individual is staying on Snapchat because of the emotional attachment that that individual has with Snapchat, they would be staying with this application because of pathos

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