Comparing The Declaration Of Independence And The I Have A Dream Speech

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Compare and Contrast the Declaration of Independence and the I Have a Dream Speech Throughout American history, Americans have had many issues whether it had to do with gaining independence from Britain, or even claiming the rights for African Americans to have equality. With both of these issues came either a significant document by Thomas Jefferson, which is called the Declaration of Independence or an effective speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr which is called I Have a Dream. Both of these event changers appealed to Americans in a way that had a huge impact on history. The Declaration of Independence gave Americans the freedom to do what they believe. The I Have a Dream speech helped the Americans see that the African American are just as equal to the whites. Therefore, this important document and speech have many similarities and differences such as the structure, the language, and the audience. In the Declaration of Independence and the I Have a Dream Speech, the two have many similar and different characteristics such as the structure. The main structure of the two contain the passionate of speech. There are four principles that will make a something a passionate speech: there is a problem, what the problems, the list of grievances, is and what would happen if the problem isn’t fixed. In the Declaration of Independences, Jefferson tells the readers there is a problem when he states “when in the Course of human events... becomes necessary for one people to…

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