Comparisons Of Cinderella And Grimm's Story

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Cinderella: a poor but strong girl who serves at the feet of her evil stepmother and stepsisters. She’s beautiful and kind-hearted, though treated with inequity when her stepfamily is in the picture. She’s a girl of hope and faith, and because of this, she found a delightful life with the one and only Prince Charming. It seems as if everyone knows the classical tale of this optimistic girl. According to, 350 to 1,500 versions of Cinderella were created. Though they all have similar traits, they also share their differences in being morbid, sorrowful, and pleasing. In the story “Cinderella,” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm and the Disney’s movie Cinderella released in 1950, the way Cinderella communicates and interacts with animals is …show more content…
Excited about this rare event taking place in her life, Cinderella’s determination for going to the ball intensifies. Recognized in both the movie and the Brothers Grimm’s story, the cunning stepmother drowns Cinderella in tasks to complete. As Cinderella helps her sisters get ready for the ball, she longs to go as well and pleads to attend this feast. According to the stepmother, Cinderella could not dance, nor did she have anything to wear. To stop her begging, the mother figures out a tedious chore for Cinderella to do and explains, “I will throw this basinful of peas into the ash heap, and if you have picked them all out in two hours’ time you shall go to the feast too” (Grimm 1). Without sparing a glance at the assortment of peas, Cinderella runs to the garden and calls out to the nearby birds which quickly finish picking out all the peas. This obstacle now clear from Cinderella’s path, the possibility of her attending this grand feast inflates. This young lady wouldn’t have been able to finish this task as quickly as she did if it wasn’t for their assistance. The aid she received from these creatures is not limited to the book nor the movie, but instead, debut in both. When Disney adapted Charles Perrault’s version of this tale, he incorporated some major themes and ideas and constructed it into an animation. Similar to Grimm’s tale, a group of animals help Cinderella in her …show more content…
In the story written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Cinderella is thrilled to attend this banquet. After the birds finish picking out the peas, Cinderella brought the dishes to her stepmother, excitement pumping throughout her body. Finally becoming irritated with Cinderella’s persistence, the mother tells her that she would only put herself and her daughters to shame if she were to attend. Leaving Cinderella at home, they made their way to the fantastic feast. Despair now burning within her, Cinderella yells out, ““Shake, shake, hazel-tree, gold and silver over me!” / Then her friend the bird flew out of the tree and brought a gold and silver dress for her, and slippers of spangled silk; and she put them on, and followed her sisters to the feast” (Grimm 2). Disregarding her stepmother’s disapproval, Cinderella sets out to the ball with her rich clothes painted on her body. Contrasting the Grimm’s use of the tree, Disney advances Cinderella’s enchantment with her very own Fairy Godmother. Putting the dress on, Cinderella sprints down stairs while calling after her stepfamily. Seeing the beauty Cinderella holds, the furious sisters begin ripping her attire to shreds. As anguish swallows this doleful girl, she collapses into a heap of tears. Sobbing into the crook of her arms, the Fairy Godmother appears and comforts Cinderella. The soft words spoken to her warms her chest and her hope

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