Comparing The Birthmark And The Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Comparison between “The Birthmark” and “The Tell-Tale Heart”
Shown by the dark, vivid, and emotional stories told in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Birthmark” and Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Tell-Tale Heart,” similar writing styles become clear. Edgar Allan Poe is recognized for his dark stories that are borderline psychopathic, whereas Hawthorne’s stories provide a sense of hopelessness, and are considered as depressing tales. These tales are only two examples of the extraordinary pieces of American Gothic Literature that can be compared between the two authors. Hawthorne and Poe wrote two different stories that share a common theme and genre of literature. Similar themes found in the manic sagas of "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Birthmark" show characters who become so obsessed with making their surroundings perfect, which is impossible due to natural imperfections found throughout society; ultimately their ideas for perfection lead to the demise of their counterparts.
In both “The Birthmark” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the main theme is focused on the obsession two characters have towards an imperfect physical trait on their loved ones, which eventually leads to the demise of their companions. Both stories show disgust and hatred towards these imperfections, which leads to an obsession with the visibility of the imperfection. The characters in each story grow disgusted and begin to obsess over the idea of beauty, although the imperfections are something that is uncontrollable.…

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