Comparing The Beautiful And Damned By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In the novel “The Beautiful and Damned” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a story about a young, well educated, intelligent man that goes by the name Anthony Patch inheriting his ill grandfather’s money and growing a large obsession with his luxurious lifestyle but with no career goal in mind. He meets a lady by the name of Gloria Gilbert and almost instantly falls in love with her. During the beginning of their love story, He believed she was the only thing he needed in his life to stay sane and feel happy. After years that follow their marriage, their love and happiness for each other fades which causes them to resort to alcoholic boredom. Fitzgerald used real events and personal experiences to create a more intimate character; Anthony. Both Anthony and F. Scott Fitzgerald admire the art of literature, both are alcohol dependant, and both have a faint sense of racism.
At very young age, F. Scott Fitzgerald was coached to strive for excellency, and because of that, Fitzgerald always had high aspirations for himself. He originally attended Princeton University in 1917 but shortly dropped out due to the fear of failure after doing very poorly in many of his classes. Regardless of the short time period he attended that school,
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The author of this novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald used personal experiences such as his interest and appreciation for literature, low profile racism, and alcoholism, and real events in history, such as the jazz age and gratitude towards certain races as opposed to others to express himself through the thoughts of an invented character. A message that Fitzgerald was possibly trying to convey from his life, and to teach theoretically teach Anthony through Gloria is “there is only one lesson to be learned from life … that there is no lesson to be learned from life.”

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