Essay on Comparing Roman And Greek Mythology

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Roman and Greek Mythology

What is mythology? According to Merriam-Webster, mythology is: “The myths dealing with the gods, demigods, and legendary heroes of a particular people” (Merriam Webster Dictionary). The Roman and Greek religions were a central part of the lives of the Roman and Greek peoples. These two vastly different cultures were unified through their similarities in the religions. Both cultures considered themselves as highly religious and thought being highly religious would help them become a world power. It was thought impossible for there to be such a union, but it was accomplished quite easily (Grant, 59).

It has been observed in history that both the Greeks and Romans benefitted from the sharing of the gods. Although the Greek religion lasted longer than the Romans, the decline of the Romans’ religion was due the fact that the Roman Empire was crumbling and that Christianity was on the rise to become the next greatest religion. The Greeks were forced into becoming a submissive people when the Roman Empire took over and claimed the Greek gods as their own. The hierarchy changed when Rome crumbled into ruins. This leads into the many differences that both the Greek and the Roman religion had.

There are many differences in the Greek and Roman religions. In Greek mythology, the gods were categorized by primordial gods, titans, and giants. Roman gods were categorized by triads, the twelve, and Sabine gods. Greek mythology was founded 700 years before the…

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