Comparing Othello And Othello 's Othello Essay

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In all of Shakespearean plays, Iago and Desdemona can be said to demonstrate the two most distinctive personalities. Iago as a character portrayed in Othello is seen to be in constant pursuit for malevolent ends while Desdemona who is portrayed as being the opposite of Iago is of a good reputation known for her honesty and aims for no harm to anyone. Throughout the play, Shakespeare manifests the inconsistencies in both of these characters through imagery, allusions, and wily diction. A good example that illustrates the differences between these two characters is indicated in Iago’s speech to Roderigo saying: “Where I the Moor, I would not be Iago./ In following him, I follow but myself./ Heaven is my judge, not I for love and duty,/ But seeming so, for my peculiar end;/ (I.i 54-57). In this speech, Iago talks about his plan that following the Moor is to take advantage of him; hence be able to please himself and carryout any malignant act he has in heart. However, a difference in character is indicated in Desdemona’s speech: “Nobody-I myself. Farewell.” (V.ii 123) where she tries to defend her husband’s mercurial action from Emilia when she asked “O, who hath done this deed?” (V.ii 122).
Throughout the play, it is seen that Iago has a good manipulative skill of others and this can be said to be due to his superior word proficiency and influence. At the end of the first Scene in Act II, he is able to fascinate…

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