Essay on Comparing Orlan And Neshat Come From Two Opposite Cultures

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ORLAN and Neshat come from two opposite cultures. ORLAN was born in France in 1947 but throughout her life she worked between New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. She began as an artist creating photographs and video installation. Later on in her life she went to be the first artist to use plastic surgery as a medium to create art work. Her body of work explores the status of the female body. In her series of work called the Reincarnation of Saint ORLAN she undergoes plastic surgery to change her facial features to resemble the ones of famous ideal women from art history. She uses Venus, Diana, Europa, Mona Lisa and Psyche as her models. As one may guess, these are ideal women from the art history that are distinctly beautiful. While her body went through plastic surgery and her body being treated like a collage, she is simultaneously making a statement about having the woman’s body altered for perfection. Some of the key aspects of her performance include her hiring haute fashion designers to create costumes for all participants. She decorated her operation room, hired dancers and had performers recite poetry. The setup is that of a celebration rather than a glooming mourning hospital scene. The entire process is captured on video for the audience to watch, and at the time it was happening there was a live stream for people around the world to watch has is happened in real time. This was a very expensive ordeal and she raised the funds for it by selling photographs and videos.…

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