Essay about Comparing Online Schooling And Traditional Education

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“Is College Doomed?” Graeme Wood proposed this rhetorical question comparing online schooling and traditional education; ironically, Wood depicts college and universities as expensive and adequate, but the online schooling, Minerva he proposes in his essay is quite basic. There are no buildings, students move yearly, and there are no clubs, organizations, or athletic teams. Founder of Minerva, Ben Nelson, suggests that his online schooling offers a more sophisticated education, but the students are not familiar with an actual college experience. College is about community engagement, allowing college students to feel independent; in addition, college provides resources and services that are beneficial for students.
Nelson argues that Minerva provides a higher education not only because of the intimate class size, but through experiential learning. It is evident that learning is more than reading a textbook, but Nelson’s claim is startling. A traditional college or university has an actual campus that allows students to get involved in different organizations and clubs. The community engagement provides experiential learning because students are interacting with their classmates or getting involved in school events. Observational learning is a fundamental element of higher education, but the students that attend Minerva cannot truly learn through experience because there is no stability.
Moreover, Minerva does not provide a traditional college campus, so there is not a…

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