Comparing Natsu Wore A Black Suit With A Red Tie Essay

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Natsu wore a black suit with a red tie, one he has worn many times to other funerals. This one was for his distant but close cousin Lisanna. She caused him so much heartache all because she wanted to be higher up in the company, Fairy Tail Jews. Lisanna only told Natsu the truth a few weeks ago, she framed Lucy Heartfilia in a crime and he fired her but did not file a police report and it left him heartbroken. Natsu was so crushed by the situation that he had moved to different part of a company that was in another state. Natsu sighed as he stared at the picture of him and Lisanna at the park back in high school. “Natsu sir, your cab to the airport is here,” Kinana spoke through the speaker phone.

Natsu sighed again and held down the speaker button and said, “Thanks Kinana. I’ll head out there now.”

Lucy Heartfilia had just clocked out and changed from her waitress uniform and into a black dress that showed her curves and silver flats that her friend Lisanna bought her. Lucy couldn’t believe that Lisanna was reason she lost her job at Fairy Tail Jews and yet even after she told her, Lucy decided to keep Lisanna as one of her best and closest friends. “I better go get Happy from the daycare,” Lucy whispered to herself. Then Lucy got in her car and drove off to get Lisanna’s only son, Happy Strauss.

Lucy pulled up to the daycare and she sighed heavy as she got of the car and walked into the building and up to the front desk. “I’m here to get Happy,” I spoke.

“Aunty Lucy,”…

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