Comparing My Personality With Each Of The Pevensie Children Essay

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When comparing my personality with each of the Pevensie children, I find I have something in common with each child. I would like to say that I am as responsible and courageous as Peter, but I am not nearly as direct or charismatic. In some way, I can say I am rational and caring like Susan, yet I trust my intuition over reason. I could also find similarities between Edmund and me in that I am quiet and have a difficult time with change. However, unlike Edmund, I have a strong inside moral compass and I don’t try to rationalize making the wrong decision. Out of all the Pevensie children, the most part of me is as lively, curious, sensitive and faithful as Lucy. Like Lucy, I am honest and I fight for what I believe I know to be true. Just as Lucy showed compassion to a stranger named Tumnus, I also own empathy toward other creatures of God. Lucy also has a faith-based, fearless courage in which I can also relate.
An inspiring characteristic of Lucy is her truthfulness and how hard she’ll fight to defend truth. In the beginning of the story, the other Pevensie children were worried about Lucy because they had thought she was making up stories. It would have been just as easy for Lucy to just state that it was made up to avoid a conflict, but she remained strong with the truth of Narnia. Eventually the truth prevailed when she was finally able to prove the existence of Narnia. In my own life, I understand the importance of truthfulness and honesty. When I was a child, I would…

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