Comparing Modern And Traditional Society Essay

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The western society is evolving rapidly, new views and believes are spreading and the old are forgotten. It is shown throughout our history how a society has changed and shaped it self to what is is today. The fast paced modern society does not know how to slow down, while the traditional society is confined to the past following the same principles for generations. The two polar opposite societies, from personal to the impersonal have many disagreements on their views on how a society should run. This essay is focused on comparing and contrasting modern and traditional societies in the given examples from Bell and Campbell’s readings. A traditional society is focused on gender roles where men holds the power, while in modern society share opposite views on gender equality and freedom; traditional society is very family oriented and only by blood they are bonded but on the other hand any individuals even not by blood can be considered as a family in modern society. Individuality is significantly emphasized in the modern society, people strive for their own freedom and self fulfilment. Men and women are seen as individuals with the same rights and opportunities. The youth are the activist for the freedom, they are the fresh minds that bring new ideas into a society to reshape the old believes for the better of the individuals. Bell says “The idea of “freedom” was exemplified by the legitimacy of the speakeasy and one’s readiness to cut loose at wild parties” (Bell,…

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