Comparing Medication Error Incidents Among Foreign Educated Nurses And U

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The title of the article, Comparing medication error incidents among foreign-educated nurses and U. S. –educated nurses by Jay Shen, clearly represents the study performed. This study collects a database of medication errors nurses made, and sorted the errors into different categories. The information provided throughout the article was easy to grasp and understand. This study used a longitudinal, quasi-case control design conducted from five southwestern hospitals. A random selection of nurses, provided by the hospital databases provided a list of medication error reports that provided information for this study. The abstract of the article identifies an increase in foreign educated nurses (FENs) a problem, because of how this could correlate with medication errors. The abstract also reviewed the methods, the results, and the findings of the study.
Problem Statement and Purpose The problem this study identifies is a nursing shortage in the United States that has caused many FENs to travel to the United States for work. However, it takes some reading to find the problem the researchers are studying, and why the researchers are performing this study. Because of an increase of FENs immigrating to the United States for jobs, patient safety, quality of care, and health care organizations may be impacted. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to explore differences and factors influencing medication errors and quality of care between FENs and U. S.-educated nurses…

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