Comparing Lord Of The Flies By William Golding And Nineteen Eighty Four By George Orwell

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Books and novels vary in themes, differences and plots. Although it is quite easy by reading to remark very many similarities between two novels/books. Many are highly comparable.Of course it is easy to tell most novels differ in many ways, you`re still able to find the details necessary to find many comparisons. You can compare it in so many ways especially between the books of Lord of The Flies by William Golding and Nineteen eighty four by George Orwell. Both of these fine reads are highly comparable. Since these books pose many similarities and differences, this essay will elaborate on the specific themes common between the two novels. Themes like, loss of innocence, how humans react to power as well as the many flaws humans have. Although these books differ in many ways, this essay will allow most readers to agree that these two books are quite comparable and extraordinarily similar. Both novels depict how human nature reacts to a surge of power and lack of rules. In lord of the flies Golding shows how that there is evil inside of everyone. Orwell demonstrates how power corrupts and begins to tear away at said persons morals. Each author depict loss of innocence in their novels. In Lord Of The Flies, Jack steals Ralphs power and corrupts the on-going system they have on the island by not following the rules and starting their own groups. In the novel Nineteen Eighty Four, Orwell shows a civilization with an invasive government that controls everything.My final point…

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