Comparing Lord Of The Flies And The Destructors

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Register to read the introduction… Blackie tries to display this by attempting to prevent Trevor from voting on what kind of trouble they get into when he late to their meeting but Trevor does not allow him. The peak of this struggle is when are discussing ideas and Trevor tells them about destroying Old Misery’s house from the inside. Blackie attempts his best to discourage with the potential of police and the inability to accomplish this but Trevor continue to push the idea until it is voted for and chosen. This symbolized the end of Blackie’s reign of the group and when one member asks “How do we start?” Blackie simply walks away saying, “ He’ll tell you.” Implying that he knows what has occurred and realizing his role of leadership is taken over. Both groups in each story displayed how easily a dynamic can change through …show more content…
These children differ from the ones in Lord of The Flies because though they do some pretty questionable acts, it is more delinquency rather than primal acts. These boys are doing violent actions because of the violence through the war they witness around them. With World War II going on, these children are witness to bombings often leaving them feeling with the need to do something. They decide to become a gang that will make their mark around London, causing crime one more extreme than the next. Trevor motivates these boys to destroy an old man’s house but instead of normally destroying it while he is away, they decide to wreck it from the inside out. Trevor says, “We’d be like worms, don’t you see, in an apple.” (pg. 12) However, mid construction the old man, Old Misery, comes home unexpected and is locked away until the job is finished. The ending displays Old Misery sobbing as his house is destroyed and the lorry that was around ended the story by laughing saying “There’s nothing personal but you got to admit it’s funny.” (pg. 22) This is actually the exact opposite reaction of what Lord of The Flies displayed because even though Mr. Thomas was sobbing at his loss similar to Ralph’s reaction, the Lorry laughed at the comedy of the

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