Comparing Locke And Hobbes 'Promise Of Reason'

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“The Promise of Reason”
During the Age of Enlightenment many important changes were taking place. This was a crucial time for many reasons, it helped mold how we function as a society. The philosophes in this time period believed that with education and equality that society could be strengthened and more civilized.
The problem faced was the disagreement between Locke and Hobbes on what role the government should play in society, they both agreed church should not have a role in government. Hobbes felt that government would strengthen society, while Locke felt it would limit it, but they both agreed that if there was a government that “government must be based in a social contract.” (134).Jefferson’s signing of the Declaration of Independence
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When we start to question why some people are much more intelligent and some so caring and giving, while others so foolish and selfish.
When we look at the difference in reasoning we see the successes in those who try, like the invention of the steam engine by James Watt in 1765. His hard work lead to this useful invention, which is not the case for the horrible idea of slave trade. The Slave trade shows the weakness and laziness of someone’s mind, to even think up such a cruel idea that because of a person’s skin color they are not deserving to have the same rights of you and should be your servant and slave is insanity. The cruelty slaves such as Equiano suffered was inhumane and yet it was allowed to carry on for so long. Perhaps it was with the help of people like Jonathon Swift that changed the way people viewed this cruel act, in his Satire Gulliver’s Travels he tells of how irrational and cruel slavery is. Another writer who used satire in his writings was Voltaire, in Candide he tells of how greed and cruelty can destroy society. Then there was also William Hogarth who used satire in his art to saw the flaws of humans and their ways of

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