Essay on Comparing Julius Caesar And Joseph Stalin 's Army

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Brutus and the rest of the conspirators feel that the idea of Caesar becoming king and gaining too much power is metaphorically killing them. Furthermore, even when warned by a soothsayer (fortune teller), Caesar still doesn’t believe his fate. Whether or not the fates of Julius Caesar and Joseph Stalin’s army were fate or just an unlucky play of events, both parties suffered immensely.
To start, Julius Caesar is the leader of Rome and has just returned to Rome prior to defeating Pompey’s armies in a foreign land. Caesar doesn’t actually want to be king, even when the citizens of Rome presented him with a crown three times. Caesar is completely oblivious to the conspiracies against him. Caesar finally gets suspicious about all of the warnings he has seen, so he sends some of his Roman priests to sacrifice an animal and read the omens it presents. Caesar wants to stay home and listen to his wife, Calpurnia, because of her dream. Unfortunately, arrogance came into play and Caesar thought his wife was just a woman who didn’t know anything, and decided to go out to the city anyway. In essence, after Caesar’s death, Rome is in a tyranny without a leader. At the brink of war, Brutus is the only one awake in the tent and the ghost of Caesar appears says that he will speak to Brutus at Philippi. In conclusion, the life of Julius Caesar definitely had it’s fare share of ups and downs, but the story of his life is nothing short of a thrilling story of love and betrayal.…

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