Essay on Comparing Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange

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1.1 Research statement
This research will investigate the comparison between Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX) and The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in terms of their operations and trading systems. Some recommendations are also made about what HSX could learn from the NYSE.

1.2 Background and introduction to the research

The financial market plays an integral role in the world economy. This market includes foreign exchange markets, stock markets and capital markets. Of these, the stock market, which comprises various stock exchanges, plays a leading role in the function of the financial market (Dziawgo, 2012). Since there is a great number of issues such as financial crisis and recent global economic downturn, Vietnam still has heaps of difficult challenges to deal with. In this research project, the researcher will outline the historical background of American and Vietnamese Stock markets, and investigate the major differences between the HSX and NYSE, in terms of operations and trading systems. Through gathering this information, the researcher will be able to recommend what HSX should learn from NYSE to improve in the foreseeable future.

1.2.1 Background of American Stock Markets.

New York Stock Exchange, the oldest and largest stock market, was founded in 1792. The major objective of the NYSE is establishing a place where peoples can trade their bonds, stocks and other investments (Fuentes, 2016). In the beginning, stock exchange was established as a group…

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