Comparing Hispanic And Hispanic Culture Essays

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Comparing Hispanic celebrations to how it we celebrate in America Hispanic Americans have roots in Europe, Africa, South and Central America. This means that there is a wide population of Hispanics. Today, the Hispanic or Latino population in the United States is estimated 54 million people (, 2013). The Hispanics have different ways to celebrate than we (Americans) do differently.
American and Hispanic cultures have different ways to celebrate. Both the Hispanic culture and the Americans have their independence day. Independence Day is a day that celebrates the anniversary of a country’s national independence. Panamas Independence Day is November 28th. It is celebrated with the schools, the police and others. The firemen are accompanied by their own music band. They dressed in uniform, and the people dress in the national colors: red, blue, and white.
Unlike Panama, Puerto Rico Independence Day is December 10th. The people gather together and watch the fireworks and illegal gunfire. Moreover, Ecuador Independence Day is May 24. They lit up there city with stunning colors; they have Military parades and cultural events and they also have various agricultural and poultry fair along with dances and music parades also takes place displaying the culture and the traditions of Ecuador.
Independence Day in America is on July 4th. It is celebrated by having performances by celebrities in the busiest city (New York City), displaying fireworks, and illegal gunfight.


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