Comparing Fahrenheit 451 And Gattaca Essay

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Discuss with reference to Fahrenheit 451 and Gattaca how texts help us view ideas in society even when in different times and places.

We live in a world where we face extreme problems on a day to day basis and they are the same problems that we have been dealing with for many generations and if we continue within the traces of history we will be facing these problems for many more generations. In both Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury and Gattaca directed by Andrew Niccol they raise issues and ideas that are relevant within society today. Issues such as censorship, discrimination and ignorance. Even with both of these texts being set in wildly different times and places we are still able to make connections between them and the world we live.
Although the time that Fahrenheit 451 is based in is unknown, it is known that Bradbury published this novel in 1953 and it was seen to be a futuristic type novel. Bradbury managed to captivate readers’ attentions with his ironic twist on firemen and his interesting style of writing. His quick tempo sentence creates the sense of urgency that then allows the reader to make assumptions of the ignorance based around society in that time. With that we see that Bradbury was ahead of his time and almost spoke the future in which what he wrote about in Fahrenheit 451 are issues that are still happening on a world scale. Ray Bradbury’s characters burned books and saw life through a television on “Wall-Size sets” and not for the true…

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