Comparing Theories Of Evolution And Creation

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Compare Evolution and Creation
There has been a lot of theories on how the earth came into existence. In this paper we are going to look at the two, most popular theories evolution vs creation. The Creationist thinks God spoke the world into existence. The Evolutionist thinks the world started with a “big bang.” To look at the subject of how the earth came into existence we need to set our personal differences aside.
Let us start with how humans and plants came about. We all have cells, we all can breathe, and so can plants. Let us look at how we breathe if we look at what scientists discovered, the plants breathe in carbon dioxide and we breathe in oxygen. The creationary scientist knows the same thing, but when we dig deeper in what Ken Ham says about oxygen and carbon dioxide, “God sent air into them to have it to where they both can breathe” (Ham). Bill Nye says, “The trees and human just know how to
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Science tells us how trees breathe. Trees started breathing in carbon dioxide, and the human started breathing in oxygen. It could have been the other way around because God did not say what to breathe in. The scientific fact the trees naturally breathe in carbon dioxide and emits oxygen for humans to survive.
Let us look at the stars next. There is galaxy after galaxy. Bill Nye says, “The galaxy is always growing and shrinking” (Nye). Ken Ham also said, “The galaxy is always growing and shrinking” (Ham). The Christian perspective says that God breathed the stars. The evolution perspective says the stars were from a planet being blown apart.
Let us look at the humans and the apes. The creationist says we were made from dirt. Ken ham says, “If God used evolution, God came from an ape.” The evolutionist says we came from the apes. How we evolve from ape is we turn into a cave man and then we turn into normal

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