Comparing Electric Summer And People Call Me Hard

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Compare and contrast essay ;)

“The only fail is when you stop trying” -Albert einstein a theoretical physicist once said. Two stories that show not giving up is Electric Summer and People call me crazy. Electric summer is a story written by Rebecca Peck and about a girl named Mary that was forced to go to the fair with her mom and family when she never liked fairs. Gary paulsen a author of the story People call me crazy is about a little boy named thatcher overcame his fear of big reservoirs of water and he saved his friend from the water when they were trying to find a way back to camp. People call me crazy and Electric summer have similarities and differences including Point of view and Personality traits during the conflict.
SImilarities of Electric Summer and People call me crazy is Point of view. The point of view’s
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The point of view of Electric summer is 1st person. The conflict of the story is affected by the point of view. If this story was told by mary’s mom or another family member of even told in another point of view the story wouldn’t have the thoughts or feelings of mary during the conflict. Pronouns in the story such as “I,” “me,” and “my,” shows she's telling the story because the story

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