Essay about Comparing Dracula And The Gothic Horror

1786 Words May 4th, 2015 8 Pages
Dracula is a fictional character based on vampirism in the European Victorian Era written by Abraham Bram Stoker in May of 1897. Dracula was a made up creature of Bram’s imagination from his research of folktale and mythology. His inspiration and research led him to the creation of the now famous stories of Dracula and all Gothic vampire horror stories. In this essay you will discover the similarities and differences in religion and British Literature. Religion plays a large role in this novel by good vs. evil and faith vs. atheism. In my opinion, Gothic horror was meant for readers/viewers who can imagine the unknown horror of evil and the supernatural powers a being can have. Gothic horror is a genre that is mixed between love, fantasy and horror. Stoker’s novel appears to be dark and is based in an old castle on a high cliff. This is a famous genre throughout England and has had a big influence on British culture and how they live their lives today. The good vs. evil battle that’s seen in Dracula is generally shown most throughout gothic horror stories. No matter in what way it’s shown, it’s all the same. Bram Stoker demonstrates how Christianity can positively influence the mind set of humans and how they react in responding to difficult situations and challenges dealing with religion. Dracula himself for example stands taller than all the other characters when it leads toward religion. Even though he’s against Christianity, it still falls under religion because if…

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