Comparing Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

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Many people who have read Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde always pick one of the two as the good guy, and the other as the bad guy. Typically, when thinking of the two, people respond by picking Doctor Jekyll as the good guy, and Mr. Hyde as the evil, no good villain; after all he is meant to be the lesser of the two evils. But when the two are compared side by side it seems that Doctor Jekyll is not the better of the two, but that Mr. Hyde is. Mr. Hyde does not hide his true self from the world like Doctor Jekyll does, Jekyll is the one who wanted to split his personality so that he could do wrong and not feel any remorse for his actions, and anything that Mr. Hyde does is really Doctor Jekyll because he is the one who created Mr. Hyde.
When we first are introduced to Mr. Hyde he is
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Hyde. Jekyll did not create a potion to remove the evil parts of his nature. He made a potion that allowed him the ability to express his urges without feeling guilty or dealing without any consequences besmirching his good name as Doctor Jekyll. In the book, we never get the opportunity to see Hyde’s point of view, and that is because he doesn’t have one. Even when Doctor Jekyll looks like Hyde he thinks of himself as Jekyll. In the end of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jekyll talks about himself while he was in Hyde’s body and always uses “I” when describing what Hyde would do. “I looked in the mirror and saw Hyde” “I awoke to see I had the hand of Hyde”. Even when he decided to talk about the worst thing that Hyde did, which was kill Sir Danvers, he says that “I mauled the unresisting body”. This is not Hyde taking responsibility for killing someone, it is Jekyll himself. He even said that it brought him pleasure to do the things that Hyde did. (pg 59-75) No matter what Jekyll says about Hyde, he will always be Hyde. No matter what he looked like or how different he behaved from his own built

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