Comparing Disney Films, Which Are Aladdin, Mulan, And Beauty And The Beast

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I have been analysing and critiquing 3 Disney films, which are Aladdin, Mulan, and Beauty and the Beast. These films all have very different gender stereotypes, and all use gender in very different ways. While analysing Beauty and the Beast specifically, I found that there are very different viewpoints on the portrayal of Belle within the film, and there are arguments from both a feminist standpoint and a sexist standpoint, which helps build up my hypothesis that “Films within the Disney brand often use gender stereotypes to make their characters more relatable and understandable, but it has little effect on a child 's mind.” My other main critical source was Mickey Mouse Monopoly which had differing views on the issues of gender stereotypes within Disney films that I will be explaining in further detail.

A big film brought up when talking about sexism within Disney, is Beauty and the Beast as it shows a strong, empowered female lead character. Throughout the introduction to the film, we see Belle walking through town with her head in a book, and while she is being constantly complimented for her looks she doesn’t pay any attention. Towns people call her things such as ‘beautiful’ and ‘good looking’, however they are often underhanded compliments as they follow-up by saying how strange and peculiar she is for always having her nose in a book. People often call this film a good break away from the gender stereotypes of modern film, as even when men such as Gaston (seen as…

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