Comparing Criminology And Sociology Majors Essay

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The data gathered for the methods section was collected from a convenience sample of Cabrini College students. Cabrini College is a private, coed college located in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Students were asked to participate in the confidential study, (n=100). Each student was given a quantitative survey to be completed. Half of the participants were criminology and sociology majors while the other half were other majors which ranged from education majors to political science majors. By comparing criminology and sociology majors to different majors their answers should show how some majors are more punitive. One-hundred students received the survey from Appendix A and the consent form from Appendix B. The sample included fifty males and forty-six females and forty-nine criminology or sociology majors and forty-seven non-majors. Fifty-three students identified as Caucasian, thirty-four identified as African-American, and nine listed other.
The study measured a person’s theory of crime or causal attribution and their punitiveness. Participants were presented with fifteen-questions that involved different criminological and sociological theories of crime as well as questions on punitiveness; they were asked on a Likert scale from 1= “strongly disagree” to 4= “strongly agree”. Students were then presented with three different scenarios, one was about robbery, sexual assault, and drug possession. Students were asked to read each scenario and circle on a scale of one to ten…

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