Comparing Clotel And Uncle Tom 's Cabin Essay

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Throughout the two stories, Clotel and Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the two women, Georgiana and Eva, are presented as young, white, religious females who have plantation homes with slaves working the fields and running them. The two female characters see slavery as evil and hypocritical. The two authors used these two young, white female characters to persuade people that slavery is wrong through the use of feminism, innocence, and morality even though women did not have enough authority during this time period. Not only did the slaves know what it felt like to have no freedom and be the lesser of someone, but the two young female characters knew as well. The character in Clotel is presented as a young woman named Georgiana. She lives on a plantation with her father, Mr. Peck, her father’s slaves, and Mr. Carlton. Throughout the story, Mr. Peck states that he is a huge Christian and uses the Bible to rationalize slavery as a beneficial thing, but is actually a fraud. Carlton was neither a Christian nor for slavery at the beginning of the story, but changed his mind on the matter at the end of the story. Georgiana is the only true Christian on the plantation and strongly disagrees with the idea of slavery. She believes that white and black people should be equal and voice their opinions for the world to hear.
The story line in Uncle Tom’s Cabin is similar to Clotel’s. On the plantation is Mr. St. Clare, the owner, his daughter Eva, and a very important slave named Uncle Tom. Eva…

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