Comparing Christopher And Odysseus And The Great Warrior Of Legend

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Every character can be connected to another in a certain form or fashion. Even the child that cannot empathize, Christopher, can be compared to the great warrior of legend, Odysseus. Even though their stories seem so different many similarities can be found. Similarly, the same can be said about them as people and the emotions they go through in their stories. It is said that two people can be linked by six degrees. That makes comparing Chris from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime to Odysseus from The Odyssey one-hundred percent possible. That means that the statement, Christopher and Odysseus are similar because they both express courage, grief, and love their stories, is not that far fetched. Both of these characters show a lot of courage in their stories. Odysseus is shown to always be courageous no matter the situation. Chris, similarly, shows a lot of courage especially for someone like him, but Chris shows courage in a rise-to-the-occasion than Odysseus, who shows a constant of courage. For Odysseus, he shows a lot of courage as he arrives home and then later kills all of the suitors. As it is stated, "He drew to his first the cruel head of an arrow for Antinous just as the young man leaned to lift his beautiful drinker cup"(Homer 776). This shows how Odysseus must have a great deal of courage to kill the suitors, especially the most fit and trained of them all. Another example can be drawn from how Odysseus disguise near the end of the story is…

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